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    Default Outlook PST Migrator

    Does anyone know how well the Outlook PST Migrator works for maintaining Outlook folder structure? I have several users with elaborate folder structure and large PST's.

    If it does maintain folder structure, will that be reflected only in the Outlook client or will the structure be associated with the user's mailbox on the server? Ideally, I would like to migrate these PST's to the server and ween the users off Outlook and go exclusively with the web client. I need a clean somewhat simplified way to make the folder structures look the same to get them to buy in.


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    The PST migrator is used to transfer a local Outlook PST file over to a Zimbra server, so it will definitely be reflected in the web client. We have actually been using it the last few days for a migration that we are involved with, and it seems to be working rather well. Some of the users that we have done have elaborate folder structures and it seems to be handling them with no problems; although I guess the term "elaborate" could be taken differently by some.

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