I use ZCS PST Import Wizard version to import from Outlook.
If often get for example 10 warnings when importing 3000 e-mails.

It would be nice to have the warnings in a separate log file.

It would be nice if the log file could include the sender of the large attachement (if I see it came from name@company.com I could ignore it)
21-09-2012 14:25:52 [6152]: (MI): **Warning** Message skipped, MIME representation too large d(Thu, 10 May 2012 01:18:25 -0000) fid(400) size(11355293) max(10485760)

Some warnings could have better explainations
21-09-2012 14:25:42 [6152]: **Warning**:Zimbra Exception: message not added, No upload token returned

Best regards,
Bengt Nilsson, Sweden