I would like to share my migration to Zimbra frustration.

Last week I installed OS Zimbra server for a small workgroup of users.
Installation went great and I had the server running in no time. It was really pleasant and good experience. Server is fast and responsive. UI is very modern and pretty.

Unfortunately I am unable to get my user's data to the system:

1. I used Thunderbird to copy local folders to Zimbra imap, but dates were lost. I searched forums and found out about the user/tb workarround.
I managed to import Inboxes, but Send arrived with messed-up "To" field.

2. I moved mailboxes to Evolution and imported again - same problem
3. Exported to ems and Outlook Express - same problem.
4. Exported to Communigate imap server and used imapsync. - same problem.
5. Exported to Outlook and used wizard to import - "To" field arrived OK, but dates are all the same.

I exhausted all the possible migration paths I could think of. It is really a shame, but I was so close..

Me feels bad.