I'm following the recommendation in WIKI to use pop2imap to migrate from sendmail to Zimbra but it's now working see below;

[root@BTVMfedora bin]# pop2imap --host1 mail.greatgulfhomes.com --user1 ahmedi@greatbuildersoltions.com --password1 4a3cd7 --host2 testmail.greatbuildersolutions.com --user2 ahmedi@greatbuildersolutions.com --password2 4a3cd7
From pop3 server [mail.greatgulfhomes.com] port [110] user [ahmedi@greatbuildersoltions.com]
To imap server [testmail.greatbuildersolutions.com] port [143] user [ahmedi@greatbuildersolutions.com]
TimeZone :[america/toronto]
Looking POP messages
Found [-1] pop messages
1 BAD invalid command ...propagated at /usr/bin/pop2imap line 184, <GEN2> line 13.

What is wrong seems to start working then fails.

Thanks for any help