I am looking for a way to switch from google apps to Zimbra. I found 2 classes of options:
  • VPS-based. Ordering VPS, installing and maintaining Zimbra software myself
  • SaaS. Everything is maintained by hosting company and I need to pay for mailboxes. Similiar model to google apps.

However, I want something in the middle. I do not want to deploy and maintain Zimbra on top of VPS myself and want the hosting company to be responsible for this. However, I want to have the full administartive access. E.g., I do not want to be limited by number of users and do not want to pay per user. I want to pay for the RAM, disk space, CPU etc. But not for the mailboxes and features activated. And I do want to be able to activate all the features of Zimbra which I need. Including LDAP.

The closest example of such service is wush.net - you pay for the hosting. Backup, updates, operation system layer (ssh upgrades, ftp upgrades etc) is on wush.net's shoulders. They even upgrade bugzilla per user request. But the user has full admin access, cpanel and ssh. The benefit for the user: no need to follow security vulerability reports about all the the public interfaces. no need to upgrade the system by him/herself etc. In brief: cutting the maint. costs.

Is anybody aware of the similiar service for Zimbra?

Thanks in advance, Vitaly