Hi Folks,

I have a few questions that are probably pretty easy. This is a tiny installation of about a dozen users.

First, I am running Fedora 17 on my server, but I see no ZCS (OSE) for Fedora 17. I see RHEL 6. Which is the correct version of ZCS for Fedora 17?

Second, I am considering factoring out the server question above by using the appliance, which I understand runs in a virtual machine and consequently won't care which server software I have, but I only see appliance configurations that include ZCS (NE) and I want to use ZCS (OSE). Where do I find the Open Source Edition Appliance?

Third, I assume I can copy the appliance to disk and just run it without the overhead of a hypervisor, which also obviates the server software question. Am I right?

Thanks for the help,