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Thread: Qmail-ldap addresses to Zimbra

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    Default Qmail-ldap addresses to Zimbra

    Hi all,

    I have qmail-ldap users data in ldif format. I don't migrate any data but only the mail addresses. We are currently using pop accounts an pop will be used with Zimbra too. Anyone can show how i can inject this user data to Zimbra ldap user data?
    Ther will be no qmail-ldap running server, i just need to transfer all userbase from qmail-ldap to Zimbra platform. If i could achieve this, we will decide to go with Zimbra Network Edition. Since we have around 5000 users, i really must complete this transfer.

    Check sample below;
    dn: cn=osman balta,,dc=mail.kazma,dc=com
    objectClass: top
    objectClass: person
    objectClass: qmailUser
    cn: osman balta
    sn: osman balta
    uid: obalta
    accountStatus: active
    userPassword:: e2NyeXB0fWVWM2o3Yjg2dXh2NU0=
    deliveryMode: localdelivery
    creatorsName: cn=Manager,dc=mail.kazma,dc=com
    createTimestamp: 20041230224830Z
    modifiersName: cn=Manager,dc=mail.kazma,dc=com
    modifyTimestamp: 20041230224830Z
    structuralObjectClass: person
    entryUUID: 252c8bea-3763-102a-8c62-a57cced4ec9e
    entryCSN: 20060221201946Z#000000#00#000000

    Thank you to all fellow coders,

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    Your easiest route is to take your ldif and convert it into zmprov commands, which is the Zimbra CLI for provisioning accounts, domains, etc.

    You should be able to do something like:

    prov> createDomain # if the domain hasn't been created yet
    # then for each account:
    prov> createAccount "" \
        userPassword e2NyeXB0fWVWM2o3Yjg2dXh2NU0= \
        givenName "first" sn "last"
    Using createAccount will properly create the LDAP entry, populate required fields, etc. The easiest way to find out the other attributes you can pass in is to either look in zimbra.schema (do a find under /opt/zimbra), or to create an account in the admin console GUI and set all the fields, then use an LDAP browser or "zmprov getAccount {name}" to dump it.

    Don't forget the "" after the account name, it means to not give the account password (it is normally the cleartext password), since we are passing in an existing hashed password in userPassword.
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    Default Qmail-ldap conversion script

    Hope someone could use this little script;
    PHP Code:

    $fx = fopen("", "w");

    $fd = fopen("test.ldif", "r");

    $name_pattern = "/sn:/";
    $mail_pattern = "/mail: /";

    while(!feof($fd)) {
      $line = fgets($fd, 4096);
      if(preg_match($name_pattern, $line)) {
         $splitdata = explode(':',$line);
           $name_tmp = trim("$splitdata[1]");
                $nsp = explode(" ", $name_tmp,2);
                $name = $nsp[0];
                $surname = $nsp[1];

      if(preg_match($mail_pattern, $line)) {
         $splitdata = explode(':',$line);
           $mail_tmp = trim("$splitdata[1]");

           $write_line = "zmprov createAccount  " . $mail_tmp . "  \"\" userPassword 12345  givenName \"" . $name . "\" sn \"" . $surname . "\" zimbraPasswordMustChange TRUE \n";    
           fwrite($fx, $write_line); 

    }// while end 


    1. As you can imagine this script is NOT FOR BEGINNERS. Please check the code and then use it.
    2. qmail-ldap uses MD5 and Zimbra uses SSHA for encryption password area. I had to reset password to 12345 value, you can change or can find a better way to integrate. Please let me know for any solution.
    3. All users forcing to change their password at first login
    4. Please create before run this script, please rename qmail-ldap ldif file to test.ldif and put the same directory.
    5. Take copy to the /opt/zimbra/backup (create this dir as zimbra user)
    6. su - zimbra
    7. sh

    You should wait a little while according to amount of users.

    Take care all, thank you Zimbra creators and all fellows

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