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Thread: Migration issue with split domain & multi-servers

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    Default Migration issue with split domain & multi-servers

    We're migrating from an iPlanet (SunOne) ver. 5.2 emai/calendar system to
    Zimbra (latest network version.) We'll be running a split domain with iPlanet as the primary server and zimbra as the secondary.
    Currently email routing for * through the zimbra MTA seems correct. If the user is found locally, email is delivered to zimbra and if not, it's forwarded to iPlanet and if the user is found, delivered there.
    My question/issue/problem is that we're going to adjust the forwarding
    address of our migrated, iPlanet users to the newer Zimbra MTA for delivery
    from the other direction. However we get a bounce sending mail to and it simply bounces back. (Note: zmta is the name of our zimbra mta host.)
    Can I or Should I create a "domain alias" for such as "" so that our forwards from the old system to zimbra can get through cleanly? If I use the hostname of the zimbra mta server postfix tries to deliver the mail locally. An aliases file on the mta requires local accounts be created and that's out.
    Any thoughts or help would be great,

    OS: RedHat ES 4. whatever's the latest
    Zimbra: 4.0.4 Network Edition (latest also)

    iPlanet config: (single box, web,imap,pop,smpt,cal)

    Zimbra config: (store, logger, web, imap, pop) (Zimbra LDAP) (Zimbra MTA, AV, AS)

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    Does this split domain document help?


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    Default split domain doc? Yes, it helps but we're one step away..

    I used the split-domain doc to set things up as I have them (well, plus the multi-server install doc first.) The SD doc explains the logic quite well and addresses the functions to make things work overall but it missed some specifics (in my view.) Of course my view is warped and often wrong.

    For example I'll demonstrate some flow issues with SD I ran into - DNS (consider this our current iPlanet) accepts all mail for

    Now I want to add Zimbra into a SD config with first and the new as a secondary destination.
    *This requires no DNS changes (or should it have?)
    * will accept mail for and forward over to if the user isn't found.
    * will have a per-user forward set to (but NOT because postfix routes that to local users on

    So the question came down to forward someone's mail from to *all* for email addressed to ? I'm explaining it poorly but I believe that along with all of the above I need to create a domain alias ( on which is aliased to on
    The result being, on I set a forward for user "foo" to (with an appropriate MX record for> which will route the mail and then (because it's an alias) flip the mail to on the server.

    Am I re-inventing the wheel here or am I clunking along on square wheels because I missed how to round them out?

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    Default resolved: split domain + domain alias

    I'm going to chalk this up to my lack of postfix experience and trying to use
    iPlanet terminology/functions with Zimbra. Here's what I concluded.

    1) Follow the split-domain setup with zimbta mta second.
    2) Create a domain alias for the zimbra mta to accept mail for migrated users
    which is *not* the same domain as we're trying to migrate.
    3) Create an MX record for the domain alias pointing to the zimbra mta.
    4) Forward mail from the legacy mta users to the aliased domain.

    Before -
    MX: mailhost:

    MX: mailhost: mailhost:
    zimbra config:
    domain: <--- target for end of migration
    domain alias: <-- interim alias for migration
    users: <--- migrated to zimbra

    Legacy config: <--- will go away after migration
    users: <-- not migrated
    forwarded user: forwarded to

    Commands performed on zimbra to enable split domain handling with
    the zimbra mta second.
    zmprov md zimbraMailCatchAllAddress
    zmprov md zimbraMailCatchAllForwardingAddress
    zmprov md zimbraMailTransport
    zmprov mcf zimbraMtaRelayHost
    zmprov mcf zimbraMtaDnsLookupsEnabled FALSE

    Create the domain alias on zimbra.
    (*this is a one-line command, split for readability*)
    zmprov cd zimbraDomainType alias \ zimbraMailCatchAllAddress \ zimbraMailCatchAllForwardingAddress

    Mail sent to the migrated user via
    legacymta -> forwarded to -> MX Checked ->
    to -> aliased to ->
    delivered to on zimbra.

    zimbramta -> delivered to on zimbra.

    Mail sent to non-migrated user via
    legacymta -> delivered to on legacymta

    zimbramta -> not found locally, forwarded via catchalladdress to -> -> delivered to on legacymta

    *When migration is complete, the migrate alias can be removed *and*
    MX records can be set to zimbra for *and* we can adjust/remove the forwarding/catchalladdresses *and* enable DNS lookups.


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