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Thread: Microsoft Outlook issue with Zimbra and Exchange

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    Default Microsoft Outlook issue with Zimbra and Exchange

    We have installed Zimbra Network edition [ trial] and the users are connecting to the server through the outlook connector.
    Currently the customer is using MS Exchange. Every user has two profiles in their outlook [ Zimbra profile & Exchange profile] the zimbra profile works fine and does not have a problem.
    When using the exchange profile user can send and receive mails without a problem, however when trying to reply a received message or when trying to forward a message, outlook crashes and asks to restart outlook.
    When zimbra or exchange use independently on a single PC, it working without any issue. when you use both profiles together it gives the problem on the exchange profile, after installing the outlook connector for zimbra.
    I installed the latest MS updates and reinstalled the outlook connector, but the problem persists.
    Then I created some logs and those are attached for your reference.

    Please help us on this issue. We can't lose this deal for MS Exchange
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