I'm referring to Bug 78300 – Migration does not handle localised outlook accounts appropriately.
Had contacted the support, but the solution would be to sit here and wait till the new ZCS-version would be released, passing time the running Exchange 2003 dies slowly.
So I have to react in a way the business can go on.

My observation:
I tried the MigrationWizard and everything seems to be migrated, minus a few appointments.
All standard mailfolders, like Inbox, Outgoing, Sent are not visible for the user, nor the admin, although they're imported regarding the logs.

I think the MigrationWizard is not able to assign the german "Posteingang" to inbox, like the other folders mentioned above.

Contacts, appointments and own created folders, named different, e.g. "Posteingang_1", are migrated the way they should.

Tasks are imported only when they are in the root of tasks.
If a user has created subfolders in Outlook, the MigrationWizard is noticing them, reporting the correct number of tasks, seems to migrate them in the next step, but in the end only tasks in the root are visible, there are no subfolders.
The logs say something different.

Anybody got a similar behavior? Or everybody is using the US-Version of Exchange for Migration?
Is there a way to get the tasks in the subfolders migrated? We've got users with a large number of tasks that have to be migrated.