I am about to switch to ZCS but I am trying to figure out the best way to migrate my existing mail from Google Apps. I have a number of mailboxes some quite small but 1 with 10s of thousands of emails in it and I don't want to lose those emails - does anyone know of a sensible way to migrate those emails? The only option I can see from Google's side is to download the mail to my desktop client and "archive" it, but that is not very practical as I refer back to the emails frequently due to the nature of my work. I could of course setup ZCS with a different domain and then forward all the mails to a new address at the new domain, close down my Google Apps, migrate the old domain to Zimbra then re-forward again - but again this is hardly a very practical solution.

I presume people have had to deal with this issue in the past, so I am hoping someone has a more robust solution. Not surprisingly when I search Google for "Migrate mail from Google Apps to Zimbra" all the responses I get are "Migrate mail from Zimbra to Google Apps" (VMWare may want to contact the FTC and EU Commission about this as both are currently investigating Google under anti-trust/monopolies law).

Thanks in advance.