Hello All

Well! The scenario is that I have a Zimbra 3.1 installed on FC3 which is working fine. I decided to move the server to somewhere else. The new server is a Xeon with Centos 4.3 Xen Dom0 installed and another Centos 4.3 installed as guest. The Glibc libraries have been compiled and installed successfully on the guest and TLS disabled on the dom0. Apparently Zimbra needs them. Then I did following:

1- Downloaded 3.1 RHEL4 version of Zimbra and installed successfully under guest xen Centos.
2- Backed up /opt/zimbra from FC3 via tar and transferred to the same folder in the guest xen OS in the same location. (I deleted the /opt/zimbra from step1)
3- Did a zmfixperms
4- I reinstalled Zimbra 3.1 RHEL4 and asked to upgrade.
5- It successfully upgraded the Zimbra from FC3 to RHEL4 and everything looked fine to me afterwards.
6- I redirected the MX records to the new Zimbra.

Then I noticed that whatever mail I send from any account or whatever e-mail coming from outside goes directly to the deffered queue and they don't go away by flushing. In the error section of the admin panel, it says that the delivery is temporary suspended because host is refusing connections. Anybody has any clue about this?