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Thread: Share domain between Zimbra and MDaemon for evaluation

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    Question Share domain between Zimbra and MDaemon for evaluation


    We are currently looking at Zimbra as an alternative to our current MDaemon installation. We have downloaded and installed the 60-day trial version.

    I would like to migrate just a few users from MDaemon to Zimbra, to see how it performs in the areas where we are having problems with the former (very large mailboxes with lots of folders and/or working remotely). Is there any way I can share the domain between the MDaemon and Zimbra servers, so that I can move just a few users over and leave the others on MDaemon while I evaluate the performance?

    This would probably be useful if we did decide to switch to Zimbra as well, so we could gradually move users over rather than having to do everyone all in one go.

    Any ideas?




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    It's called a Split Domain, you'll find details in the wiki and in the forums( if you search).


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    hi modainpelle,
    yes you can,
    after you configure the zimbra server you must:
    create the users into zimbra server ( or import with a script )
    after this you must configure mdaemon send to zimbra the incoming mail for the users .
    To do this, in mdaemon-account manager select the user you want to "migrate" and into fowards you must to put a complete email address into a "forward Address" field
    and set a ip address or FQDN name of the zimbra server into "forward the message at this domain"
    In zimbra configure MTA fo forward all messages in "home-configure-global setting-MTA" in MRA forwarding for external delivery set a ip address or FQDN name of the mdaemon server

    I use this config and it's work ( distribute installation )

    sorry for the English, it is bad



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    Post Hi Andrea

    Do you have some guide or print screen to do this in Mdaemon? I'm trying split domain between Mdaemon (my primary server) with zimbra (the new server) so that the mdaemon sends unknow accounts to zimbra like: Split Domain - Zimbra :: Wiki but it isn't working!!!! What should I do in Mdaemon configurations? And in the zimbra to work together fine? I've tried everthing I've found but nothing works!!! Could you help me???

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