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Thread: Moving ZCS 8.02 from a Ubuntu 10.04 box to a Ubuntu 12.04 box

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    Default Moving ZCS 8.02 from a Ubuntu 10.04 box to a Ubuntu 12.04 box

    I tried copying /opt/zimbra to the other box without modifications... failed...

    I have a backup taken every night of each user, but I'd like to move the entire system faster... and on top of that, my backup does not save the shared calendars... it's done with:
    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmmailbox -z -m getRestURL "//?fmt=tgz" > /backup/username`date +%y%m`.tgz

    It works to restore... but I do not get everything... almost...

    Any quick method for tranferring? Both systems are on a fast network... I tried to rcp the whole directory after installing a virgin ZCS 8.02 on the new Ubuntu 12.04 box... no luck...

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    I'm thinking here: is it possible to copy the entire /opt/zimbra structure except for the executables? Can I copy the database and everything and leave the bin, libexec and such folder containing executables?

    After all, it's the same ZCS version... It should have the same database structure and same storage files......

    Anybody knows how I can do this?

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    When i want to migrate to a new server i just copy the /opt/zimbra to the new server and then run the installer to "upgrade" the installation.
    I do this even though i dont actually upgrade anything to ensure that it gets installed properly.
    Just make sure the ip-address and host-name is the same on the new server!
    Here is some additional info.. Please note the additional instructions if you want to move from 32bit to 64bit OS.
    Moving ZCS to New Server - Zimbra :: Wiki

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    For starters its not as simple as it sounds.. took me a whole weekend to do the migration on one box..... Basically what i updated my zimbra to 8.0 on the 10.04 box.... backed up my /opt/zimbra folder to an external drive using " # rsync -avHK /opt/zimbra /media/Passport/zimbra."... /media/Passport was my external 500GB drive.. I installed a new hard drive into the server and did a fresh install of ubuntu 12.04 lts.. applied all updates to it... Then installed zimbra 8.0 on it. Once the installation was done and i could log into the admin console via the browser... I synced back the backup i made to the external drive by "rsync -avHK /media/Passport/zimbra.bak /opt/zimbra" ...the sync took a few hours.. once the sync was complete.. i ran the zimbra 8.0 for ubuntu 12.04lts again... and it asked me if i was doing and upgrade i said yes.... when it reached the mysql check, i told it not to do it.. and just let the upgrade continue and that was it...

    The reason why i used a new drive was basically i didnt want to be in a position where my email server would be down on the following Monday... and also the upgrading of Ubuntu 10.04 lts to Ubuntu 12.04lts via the package manager never when smooth enough for me .

    I hope this helps.
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