Hi everybody.

I work with OpenLDAP and I have a lot of schemas configured into it like FreeRadius, Samba, Pykota and so on... and I also use this base to authenticate my e-mail accounts with dovecot.

Now that Iīm planning to migrate into the Zimbra world, I donīt want to work with separate LDAP information. Which is the best way to incorporate this information? Migrate users and schemas to the Zimbra OpenLdap Server or authenticate Zimbra in my current OpenLdapServer? New accounts created in the Zimbra console will be correctly created in my external LDAP Base?

If the best solution is to migrate this accounts into Zimbra LDAP, how is the best and secure way to do that? If I migrate to Zimbra, I want to remove my current LDAP server from the network.

I hope you can help me.