I use Zimbra 8.0.2_GA_5569 (build 20121210115059) - OpenSource Edition running on CentOS release 6.3. I'm trying to migrate all mailboxes through the imapsync. This is the command that i using:

imapsync --syncinternaldates --subscribe --allowsizemismatch --host1 iphost1 --host2 iphost2 --user1 sarahm --authuser1 root --authmech1 PLAIN --user2 sarah.milani --authuser2 admin --password2 pass2 --regextrans2 's/saved-messages/INBOX/' --regextrans2 's/mail-trash/trash/' --regextrans2 's/sent-mail/sent/' --regextrans2 's/saved-drafts/Drafts/' --regextrans2 's/spam-mail/Junk/' --regextrans2 's/virus-mail/Junk/'

My enviromment:

host 1 (openwebmail) host2 (zimbra)
host3 (imapsync)

When i execute imapsync at the first time:

++++ Calculating sizes
Host1 folder [INBOX] Size: 14468 Messages: 6 Biggest: 7811
Host1 folder [mail-trash] Size: 24775 Messages: 2 Biggest: 22072
Host1 folder [saved-drafts] Size: 0 Messages: 0 Biggest: 0
Host1 folder [saved-messages] Size: 20413562 Messages: 229 Biggest: 3037637
Host1 folder [sent-mail] Size: 51000856 Messages: 110 Biggest: 7579949
Host1 folder [spam-mail] Size: 0 Messages: 0 Biggest: 0
Host1 folder [virus-mail] Size: 0 Messages: 0 Biggest: 0
Nb messages: 347

Messages transferred : 347
Messages skipped : 0

this is the right value of the total amount of emails in my old mailbox (openwebmail), BUT when i access my mailbox in ZIMBRA web client have only 337 emails messages....missing 10 messages !! Then when i execute the same command one more time:

Messages transferred : 10
Messages skipped : 337

Now i have all email messages in my mailbox in Zimbra : 347 messages !

ps: When i execute imapsync with user (sarahm) in authuser1 (and not root) and user password, all messages are import in first time. =/

I Really appreciate any help.