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    Default Webmail via POP

    Hi, I have several POP servers and i need to access them via POP. I know it's not the best option but i can't change it. So i'm looking for a webmail suite that can use POP with a decent performance, that is: It doesn't download ALL the INBOX each time i want to preview the messages.

    Does Zimbra download all the message each time to see the overview of the INBOX? (Using POP not IMAP).


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    Default POP aggregation in version 4.5

    Version 4.5 of Zimbra will allow you to do POP aggregation -- downloading mail from your remote system's INBOX into a folder on your Zimbra system. You can either leave the messages on the remote system or have them deleted once they've been copied to the local Zimbra server. Once they've been POPped from the remote server, there is no traffic to the remote POP server until the next time you want to fetch the mail, at which time only the new messages are retrieved.

    (Note that Zimbra is not a web front end to a remote email system -- it's also a mail store, and you can't run Zimbra in a front-end-only manner.)
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    Default just to clarify..

    Since I don't currently have 4.5 installed so I can see for myself, I figure I'll just ask.

    Say you've POP'd mail from another account - then within zimbra, that mail will be part of the Zimbra index, message and data store?

    In other words, Zimbra doesn't care where you got the mail, you can still interact with that mail as if it were sent directly to the zimbra MTA. Is this right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by justanotheruser View Post
    Say you've POP'd mail from another account - then within zimbra, that mail will be part of the Zimbra index, message and data store?
    Yes, the message is stored locally and can be tagged, flagged, etc also.
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