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Thread: migration from postfix to zimbra

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    Default migration from postfix to zimbra

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for zimbra migration from postfix email server with cyrusimap database.

    Set up consists of a postfix email server ( ) , CentOS Directory server ( ). All the users are authenticating to email server via Directory server. I mean to say that if users wanna read the emails from web email client ( squirrelmail ) they are going to authenticated form directory server box.

    Now I wanna change to zimbra (

    Is it possible to use the same authentication mechanism from directory server. ?? ???
    Can I migrate all the user mailboxes from old to new zimbra. ????
    Also will I be able to migrate address book and preferences of the users to new Zimbra...

    Any Ideas would be appreciated .....


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    Hey Albetros,

    You can use external auth with Zimbra.So your users can authenticate using directory server.Check the external auth wiki for that.
    You can migrate all the users to Zimbra .Not a problem.Address book ,calendars will be migrated just fine.About preference i am not sure as It worked for me but I have heard people saying that their pref did not migrated.

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