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Thread: Accounts migration from Mdaemon 13.0.4 to ZOS 8.0.3.GA.5664 Ubuntu 12 x64

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    Default Accounts migration from Mdaemon 13.0.4 to ZOS 8.0.3.GA.5664 Ubuntu 12 x64

    Hello. Excuse me for my bad english. Looked through all 115 pages topic on your forum, but really have not found a solution for my problem.
    1. There is a server Mdaemon 13.0.4. since it requires only accounts. Unloaded his accounts .csv and converts from a .xml file. Take into account all the encoding and. I go to the web interface Zimbra/Migration/Accounts-yes/from xml-file and get an error “service.FAILURE Method: [unknown] Detail:soap:Receiver “. ok. I go the other way
    I take this script

    echo "This script is written by Damanjeet."
    for i in `cat Accounts.csv | grep`;
    CHECK=`echo $i | grep`
    #echo $i
    if [ "$CHECK" == "" ]; then
    #echo $CHECK
    EMAIL_ID=` echo $CHECK|awk -F\, '{ print $1}'`
    #| awk -F\" '{print $2}'`
    PASSWORD=`echo $CHECK|awk -F\, '{ print $6}'`
    #| awk -F\" '{print $2}'`
    zmprov ca $EMAIL_ID $PASSWORD

    but I got new error “error: account.no_such_domain

    please tell me what I do wrong here? Or anybody know another way?
    thanks in advance.
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