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Thread: ZimbraMigration_8.0.3.780 problems migrating users from exchange 2010 to Zimbra 8

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    Default ZimbraMigration_8.0.3.780 problems migrating users from exchange 2010 to Zimbra 8


    Trying to migrate users from Exchange 2010 to VMware Zimbra 8.
    I have created the users in zimbra manually and successfully enabled external authentication via the active directory.

    I am now in the process of attempting to "mass" migrate user mailboxes from exchange and to zimbra with the use of ZCS Migration Wizard for Exchange (ZimbraMigration_8.0.3.780) unsuccessfully.
    The account used is the "migration" exchange user which was given full access to domain and exchange. I pass from all phases of the wizard (Welcome-Migrate), i am able to select users via "Object Picker" but in results section it fails with "Migration failed - Invalid Account". I can only migrate the "migration" mailbox successfully. No other mailboxes.

    Turned all internet upside down but could not find anything regarding this error. Access to Zimbra is confirmed, "migration" account was given all (at least all i could find) permissions on exchange and domain levels, cannot think of something else.

    Attached is the XML of the configuration used during the wizard.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    *Note: In "Source" section of the wizard, it only works if i put the ip of the domain controller and not the exchange server. If i put the ip of the exchange it fails to authenticate..


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