Hi Team,

I have installed Zimbra NE 8.0.3 in a multi server environment. We need to migrate user mailboxes from Qmail to Zimbra. Qmail is configured with dovecot IMAP and users are authenticated with the Red Hat directory Server. I tried to migrate some users from Qmail with auth mechanism as a PLAIN with the plain passwords and migration is successful, but we are having 6000 user mailboxes and users are in LDAP with MD5 encryption. SO, it is a hectic situation to get the plain passwords.

I used the below command to migrate the mailboxes.

imapsync --buffersize 8192000 --subscribe --syncinternaldates --authmech1 PLAIN --host1 sourcehost -user1 <user> --password1 456 --host2 desthost --user2 user@domain --password2 456

So, suggest me how to migrate the user mailboxes, i find one document in the forum

Migrating from Dovecot with External LDAP - Zimbra :: Wiki

In document, it is mentioned to make some changes in dovecot configuration file and i am in dilemma whether it will create any issues after changing any configuration. So, please suggest me to move further.