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Thread: add zimbra mail server to exchange 2010 infrastructure

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    Default add zimbra mail server to exchange 2010 infrastructure


    need some help & guidelines my current setup:
    exchange 2010 mail server
    120 mailbox:
    60 accounts that are allowed only to send and receive internal MSG .
    my needs are moving the 60 mailbox from the exchange to zimbra mail server and be able to send and receive email from exchange mailbox to zimbra mailbox ,
    and allow to zimbra mailbox only internal send&receive

    UPDATE :

    now i can sent mail from zimbra user to exchange user but i cannot send from exchange to zimbra.

    i follow this :

    and what i cannot understand is :

    i have to create user in AD for each user i create in zimbra ?

    AD user = $$

    thanks 4 the helpers
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