Hey everyone,

Having some problems with the migration tool. Here's the steps I'm taking:

1. Select Server Migration
2. Select Exchange Server
3. Enter Exchange server Hostname (tried IP and FQDN)
4. Enter Administrator Credentials (and it has full read/send as/etc on mailbox server)
5. Click Next and see error

Error: Exchange mailbox creation failed.

1 x SBS 2003 (DC/Exchange/DNS/+ usual SBS apps)
1 x DC running Windows 2012

Migration Machine
Windows 2003 32bit - Outlook 2007 32bit

HELP!!!! On a successful migration in the test lab I get the strContainer & msExchHomeSvrName whereas here in the live enironment I'm not, i'm only getting strContainer. I've used ADSI Edit to confirm value exists.

[2013-05-22 16:01:37.955773] info Initializing migration
[2013-05-22 16:04:07.624775] err Check AdminUserName
[2013-05-22 16:04:07.624775] err Check Initialized:%d 0
[2013-05-22 16:04:07.624775] err Do ExchangeMigrationSetup
[2013-05-22 16:04:07.624775] err Going for Exchange mig setup
[2013-05-22 16:04:08.062266] err Going for CreateExchangeMailbox...
[2013-05-22 16:04:08.093516] err strContainer %S msExchHomeSvrName: %S LDAP://CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=local
[2013-05-22 16:04:08.140390] err ExchangeMigrationSetup::Setup::CreateExchangeMailB ox ExchangeAdminException exception: %S CreateExchangeMailBox(): ADsOpenObject Failed.
[2013-05-22 16:04:08.140390] err ErrCode:x8007052e Description:CreateExchangeMailBox(): ADsOpenObject Failed. SrcFile:ExchangeAdmin.cpp SrcLine:461