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Thread: Phased Migration - Basic How to

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    Default Phased Migration - Basic How to

    I'm looking to move my mail server from a sendmail/linux system to Zimbra (v8.0.2). I've set up my Zimbra server (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) but I've hit a problem.

    External name is
    Internal AD domain is company.local
    Current Email server:
    All incoming email arrives @
    User email address is as
    New Zimbra server is
    MX records are set up and appear to work fine.
    Zimbra domain is with aliases for company.local and
    Outgoing email for both servers is direct. I don't route's outgoing email through
    If a user is moved to zimbra I set oldmail up to forward the email to
    This all works fine for incoming email.
    Zimbra outgoing to non company addresses is fine.
    Outgoing to local addresses on the Zimbra box work fine.

    However If a Zimbra user tries to send an email to a user still on oldmail, ie replys to, Zimbra rejects it as a bad address.

    Can Zimbra be easily modified to forward these to oldmail? If not how should I configure these systems to allow a phased migration?

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    You should read the wiki article on Split Domain or read some of the forum threads on this topic.


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    Thanks Bill.

    The split domain article gave me the hint I needed. It's a little work, but I can create accounts on the Zimbra server for all my local accounts and give each a forwarding account to the oldmail server.

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