I used the 32bit migration utility to copy data from a Exchange 2003 to ZCS 8 Server living on Ubuntu 12.04 (THe new tool, not the legacy/deprecated one). I chose a Server migration as I don't have any Mail profiles setup. I'm running the migration util directly on the exchange machine it self.

The odd thing is, the only email messages that got copied to the Zimbra server are ones that appear to have come from administrator@mymailserver.com over 3 years ago... nothing else gets copied.

The accounts get created fine, and all of my folders are created but they are mostly empty.

Below is the output from my verbose logs.. (takes about 2 or 3 minutes to run)

[2013-07-08 14:57:48.735375] info Initializing migration
[2013-07-08 14:57:48.813500] err No profiles returned for GetAllProfiles
[2013-07-08 14:57:57.876000] err Check AdminUserName
[2013-07-08 14:57:57.876000] err Check Initialized:%d 0
[2013-07-08 14:57:57.876000] err Do ExchangeMigrationSetup
[2013-07-08 14:57:57.876000] err Going for Exchange mig setup
[2013-07-08 14:57:58.188500] err Going for CreateExchangeMailbox...
[2013-07-08 14:57:58.204125] err strContainer %S msExchHomeSvrName: %S LDAP://CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=terida,DC=intra /o=Terida/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=EXCHANGE
[2013-07-08 14:57:58.219750] err CreateDSObject: %S CN=zmmbox
[2013-07-08 14:57:58.672875] err CreateExchangeMailbox success.
[2013-07-08 14:58:41.454125] info Schedule bachground workers with numusers :1 and maxthreads are :1
[2013-07-08 14:58:41.469750] info Background worker started number : 0
[2013-07-08 14:58:41.469750] info In Do work for threads for user number 0
[2013-07-08 14:58:41.469750] info start migration for account 0

Thoughts or suggestions?