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Thread: Must know all user passwords?

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    Default Must know all user passwords?

    Do you have to know each user's password to successfully migrate from courier IMAP to zimbra? I did the migration for myself, of course I know my own UN and password though. I read that string I've been using has to be done for every user, but can be scripted. But do I need to know everyone's password? Or reset everyone's password to something I know and then have them change it next time they login?

    (Yes, I looked on the Wiki and did a forum search. The results I got were from a year ago and they were not specific.)

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    Yes, to successfully use imapsync you're going to need to know all of your user's passwords.

    In my case I'm migrating from a non-ldapified mail server to Zimbra which will be authing against an external LDAP server. I've already got my users in LDAP and they all have passwords set that are unknown. I just threw together a quick script to grab those password hashes, stick them in a file and then set everyone's password to a known value. I have a similar script to hack up the /etc/shadow file on the source imap server. After the migration, I have another script that reads that file and restores LDAP passwords, and I can restore /etc/shadow from a backup that I will make before munging it.

    This does mean that any other LDAPified services will be fubared while I'm doing the imapsync. Fortunately, I don't have too many of those yet.

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    Ok thanks for the reply. Luckily I only have about 70 users because I don't know how to write scripts like that lol. I'll probably just end up re-setting everyones password to something default and setting must change on next login (going to do this in off hours). Anyway, thanks, I wanted to be sure before I went that route.

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