We're upgrading from a who-knows-what mail server (WKWMS) to Zimbra as part of a larger upgrade process that includes an updated network, new PCs, Windows 7 standard builds, and ultimately some well-earned time off for the team that has to do all of this. Because of the number of people we need to upgrade, we will be doing it in stages, department by department.

One thing that can't be staged is putting Zimbra in place as our new mail server but what we'd like to do is stage user migration to align with their PC upgrades.

Here's what I would like to do:

  1. Install Zimbra.
  2. Provision all users.
  3. Configure each user's Zimbra profile to relay all their incoming mail to WKWMS.
  4. Configure WKWMS to relay all outbound mail (to internal and external addresses) through Zimbra.
  5. As each user is upgraded, remove the individual relay from Zimbra to WKWMS.

It would be really nice, but not critical, to have the relay configured in such a way that Zimbra keeps the messages it relays to WKWMS so that we can start proper email archiving and management for all users right away.

Is there a way to do this? Thanks.