Hi all

I plan to install a Zimbra OS ed, as multi server. I have just a couple of 100's users that actually reside on a regular Postfix/cyrrus server. (P/C)

In the begining I just need One datastore, and I would like to integrate an IMAP server (postfix/Cyrus) as if it was a datastore, then I could move the box from the OLD postfix/Cyrrus to Zimbra.

On Postfix/Cyrrus I can route using /etc/postfix/transport
On Zimbra I expect zimbraExternalImapHostname to route and config correctly NGINX so the main server will known were to route imap connections.
I'am not sure of that and I am testing this.

Of course there would be no webmail on the Old P/C, I just want to known if I can route IMAP to the OLD server while setting my new Zimbra installation, so the move will be easier.

any experience on that ?

thanks for your time.