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Thread: ZCS Import Wizard not impoting SENT items from PST.

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    Default ZCS Import Wizard not impoting SENT items from PST.

    Sup guys,

    I'm trying to migrate a .pst file to an account on my new zimbra server, but everything runs ok, but only for Inbox items...

    Contacts etc etc... and most important, the SENT items are not importing at all.

    Checked the final log and it says that SENT, Contacts etc, are checked YES.

    Opened my PST file on another computer with Outlook just to make sure everything was in the file, and it is.

    Already did that with the same version of ZCS Import Wizard in another server i was testing before installing a new one(a definitive one) and worked just fine.
    ZCSIW version ZCSPSTImportWizard- Version 8.0

    Ubuntu12.04 x64 + Release 8.0.4.GA.5737.UBUNTU12.64 UBUNTU12_64 FOSS edition.(the same version i was running on my test machine)

    Is there anything i need to do for this to work properly?
    I've tried everything and i'm going insane..

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    I think migration logs will give more details about what is happening? Is it the case that you are using localized(Spanish, German etc.) environment?

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