Hi there, we are a resort in thailand, and have decided to have our own server installed however we are having difficulty in managing to import all our emails (in & out) inc all attachments amounting to 750Gig into our zimbra server.

Is there a quick and easy way to achieve this?

Ref internet speed : 10/10 will be 20/20 followed by 40/40 mbps over the next coming weeks as we are upgraded.

We use a google apps account for our current service.

We are using Zimbra 8.0.4 paid version.

We will host two domains on the account

@katarocks.com for our resort side which has all the current data with Google apps
@infiniteluxury.com for our corporate side, already set up with Zimbra .

Any advice on a quick painless transfer would be very helpful, thank you.

With Regards