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Thread: migrating pst to zimbra with xml

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    Unhappy migrating pst to zimbra with xml

    Hi :

    i'm trying to import several psts to zimbra with zcs_import (ZCSPSTImportWizard- for outlook, i'm following instructions for imports psts with an xml file, i wrote something like this :


    <Server name=“server”>

    <Account name=“admin”>
    <userName>admin </userName>

    <Account name=“user”>

    <Data name=“psts”>
    <PST>C:\Users\Cerviño\Documents\migracion zimbra\importar\psts\aguirre.pst</PST>

    <Options name=“config1”>

    <Import Server=“server” TargetAccount=“user” AuthAccount=“admin” AdminPort=“7071” AdminSSLEnabled=“1” Data=“psts” Options=“config1” />


    but when i run the command : zcs_import <above file> i get the next message:

    "fail to start imports parameters. No import node found. Closing import assistant of ZCS"

    any idea?

    Thanks in advance.
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