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Thread: Zimbra account migration from one zimbra server mailbox to another without contents

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    Default Zimbra account migration from one zimbra mailbox to another without contents


    I am trying to move all the zimbra accounts from mailbox01 to mailbox02 as storage on mailbox01 is having issues. I am using zimbra built-in utility (zmmailboxmove) for accounts migration, it worked fine for most of the accounts but I am having issues when moving accounts with size more than 10 gigs, migration just fails in the middle and server hangs up. Is there a way to move account to mailbox02 without copying contents? My plan is to just move account and then sync mails/calendar from outlook back to server.

    Zimbra Servers:


    I am using ZImbra Network edition version 8.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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