Hello there, I'm wondering if I could get some help figuring out whether Zimbra is the right solution for me/my company. We are a non profit startup looking to provide web services to other non profit charities. One idea we had for fundraising was to allow users to have custom email addresses @ whatever their local charity is. I am looking for a web based email client that would allow users to sign up for mail boxes @animalshelter.org (for example) but also allow them to check other email addresses via pop3/imap in the same web based client. Gmail just released this ability, I think. In short, we want the end users to be able to check all their emails in one place: a web based portal on our site.

I looked at the flash demos and went through the hosted demo but I'm still a little unclear - is Zimbra what I want? If so, can we use the open source edition for free? Or will we need to purchase the paid version? If Zimbra is NOT what we want, then could someone kindly point me in the right direction?

I appreciate any help & advice - thank you!