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Thread: Import Thunderbird Address Book

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    Default Import Thunderbird Address Book

    Does anyone know how to import a Thunderbird address book? I tried taking the format of a Zimbra address book export (CSV) and putting the Thunderbird address book export (CSV) into that format, but I get "0 Contact(s) successfully imported."

    Is there any easy way to do this?

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    wickhamandrew Guest


    Thanks for the help. I think I found what I needed, I'm going to convert that CSV Conversion python script out to a PHP one and see what happens.

    Thanks again.

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    Default The answer to all addressbook related problems


    Download the free (Windows) tool called dawn5 from:


    If its an address book, it can read it, and save it, and import it and export it and and...

    For Thunderbird, open the wizard, then file->open from file... Select type Mozilla/Netscape and browse into the user's Thunderbird profile directory. Open the .mab file (default one is abook.mab). Repeat this for other addressbooks if you want to consolidate books. Do the same for Outlook and Outlook express and whatever else the person uses.

    Then, once you've collected everything you want, do File->save as file... and choose csv file. Then import that into zimbra
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