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Thread: Migration From windows to Zimbra

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    Default Migration From windows to Zimbra

    Hello all, hope this is the right place to post some newbie questions about zimbra. Our company is currently using a complete windows based solution for it's infrastructure meaning Windows 2000, exchange 2000 and off course the active directory from windows.

    Due to recent problems with our exchange server, we're looking into upgrading our group ware. Preferably something else then Microsoft seeing we're mostly running Sun Solaris. Hence I have some questions.

    Are there any known issues with Zimbra and solaris ?
    How is the Active directory implementation of zimbra ? Ie can i still create mailboxes and such using windows or is there some kind of syncing system ?

    If someone already has some hands on experience with a similar setup/migration I would really like to hear it.

    Thanks already for any feedback you guys might have

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    Are there any known issues with Zimbra and solaris ?
    yes, unfortunately it doesn't exist yet! several people in the community have had a go but i haven't heard of anyone actually getting it to work, and it's definitely not supported officially for the commercial version. please please email the sales team at zimbra and tell them you'd be willing to pay for solaris version! i'm working on porting the opensource version over but it's a slow process (day job, feeding the cat and all that)

    i haven't used AD with zimbra personally, but I know it's a common scenario and I seem to remember zimbra saying they deploy it inhouse, so I imagine it works very well.

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    Please take a look here:

    and VOTE!

    We would love to expand into Solaris, but we don't see many people interested. . .only 2 votes so far.


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