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Thread: Existing Appointments Dropped While Importing New Appointments

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    Default Existing Appointments Dropped While Importing New Appointments

    I am working on migrating form our old Palm Desktop to Zimbra OSE 8.0.5. We are using Mac Calendar to view the calendar from Zimbra.

    When I import the iCal-format files into Calendar (I have one per folder in Palm), everything imports fine. After I have imported about 200 appointments, however, I notice that some of the appointments imported in previous imports have vanished. I have been using the web interface to show me appointment counts in the various folders to validate that the counts in the other folders drops, confirming that the appointments are being removed from the server.

    Thinking that the problem was Calendar, I tried doing the import using Zimbra's REST API. I get the same results.

    My next thought was that there was something about the formatting that Zimbra didn't like, so I went through a process of importing one .ics from Palm then immediately exporting the same data to a new file. This gives me a new set of files that have all the appointments from Palm as exported by Zimbra. Trying to import these files yields the same results.

    I have no idea what files to look at to try to find the error that is causing appointments to be dropped, and would appreciate any assistance in determining what is going on here.

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    For those who may encounter a problem like this, I finally found the issue and finished importing the data from the old system. The problem turned out to be that the export from Palm, as converted by Palm2CSV / Palm2iCal - Convert your Palm Datebook (Calendar) or To Do to CSV or iCal format to import into Google Calendar, Yahoo, Outlook, or iCalendar, had duplicate UID values. When I imported the files into Yahoo, nothing was lost (I think Yahoo ignored the values) and the export from Yahoo had the same UID values still in it. When the events were imported into Zimbra (either by importing through Calendar or using the Zimbra REST interface) the duplicate UID values caused entries to overwrite each other.

    I took the export from Yahoo and removed all UID values. Once I did that, everything imported without a problem.

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