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Thread: Exchange to Zimbra migration story....

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    Default Exchange to Zimbra migration story....

    Hi all,

    Recently i had a project to migrate all mailbox's from exchange to zimbra.
    Here what i planned to do:
    1. Export all PST files from all users outlook(almost Outlook 2010 32Bit)
    2. On my computer installed Outlook 2010 64Bit and Zimbra Migration tools
    3. Start to Import all PST's to zimbra mailbox's
    The fail counter goes much faster than mails that successfully copied!
    and on the other hand in Destination mailbox(in zimbra) it creates like
    that really make me disappointed i feel like failed with zimbra migration tools

    Any idea what can cause that fail counter moves faster than migrated mails?
    I used Outlook 2010 32BIT to export and use Outlook 2010 64BIT + ZimbraMigration_8.0.5.993_x64, Does this 32bit export and using 64bit to import may make a problem ?
    Should i use specially the Zimbra Migration tools that comes with my Zimbra image and accessible from Zimbra Admin Console or i can use what ever that match server version,for example for server Zimbra 8.0.5 can i use ?

    Or if you had same experience or any solution please let me know


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    any idea about my problem ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djnemo View Post
    any idea about my problem ?

    Using migration tool can be tricky sometimes, don't be dissapointed, it's all a matter of patience .
    It will all depend on things like permissions, maximum sizes, even the language currently installed or even if the information being imported is healthy or not...(for instance, you could have hughe .pst files that maybe exceed size limit for its own format).

    So, if you could, open a ticket with Zimbra support and as a suggestion, if you are migrating a small number of users and since you already have had exported information to .pst, maybe using the Zimbra connector for outlook and manually migrating one by one is an option? Depending on how you planned things, you could even configure all outlooks in your end users PCs and then just connect to the exported .pst so they are able to import it back (if they want).

    Did you read this?

    Are you compliant with it?

    Did you check your log file to try to see any detail for why this error is happening or are you seeing some patron in the e-mails that are correctly copied from the ones that don't?


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