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Thread: Trying to automate migration from exchange

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    Default [SOLVED] Trying to automate migration from exchange

    Hi All,

    We are in the process of migrating from exchange to Zimbra (using the nice ZimbraMigration.exe tool).

    The test migrations are working well apart from a few issues. When the users end up in Zimbra and I go into the administration page and look at the properties of their account - it's showing nothing in the First name, the account name is their AD username (not their default e-mail address of, and the last name is the AD account name too.

    I'm looking to migrate around 400-500 users and don't want to go in and have to change the account name, first and last name every time. I was looking at the zmprov tool to automate it, but it doesn't let me change the attributes: uid or mail

    Is anyone able to suggest how I can migrate our users and either have the correct Account name, first and last name come across, or how I can automate the change of the fields after migration?

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