Hi All,

We are starting our migration to Zimbra from Exchange 2007. Everything is going swimmingly with the migration process (now that I have everything scripted).

I know that a few users with outlook are going to have an issue with their nk2 file storing the old addresses (we have sent out a workaround for the few users that are using outlook).

The magority of our users are using the outlook web access webmail (OWA). I was thinking that there would be no issue with the addresses for users using OWA, but it seems that they are. I migrated a few users yesterday, and people are calling this morning saying they are getting bounce backs (user does not exist - from the exchange server). The exchange mailbox of the user is disabled and a mail contact is setup with the zimbra e-mail address. If the users type in the persons name and Ctrl+K to check the name, it shows 2 entries that are the same. Selecting one will give a red bar saying the properties can not be loaded (obviously the old exchange address) and another one which works correctly.

Anyone know how to turn off caching of addresses in OWA?
(we have our offline address book updated every night at 2am, and it's been over 24 hours since I migrated our users).