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Thread: Zimbra Outlook Profile - can't change "From" address

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    Default Zimbra Outlook Profile - can't change "From" address

    On a test machine, I've installed the outlook connector to zimbra, and it works just great. Our zimbra server is named, so the account I have is

    However, there doesn't seem to be a way to change the From field, to just

    The setup I'm trying to attempt, is this:

    1) forward all main from to via procmail
    2) through the web interface, create an identity to send as instead of
    3) .. the above mentioned setting.

    Is this a limitation of MAPI? As I understand, the Outlook Connector lets Outlook talk MAPI to the Zimbra server, so I could see why it has to know But I wonder, is this just an unimplemented feature (to be able to alter the From field)?

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    You can set up a new domain in the admin console named just

    And add your user to that domain. Then use the connector to connect to the new account.


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