I've got a Zimbra 4.0.2 installation on Debian that started as a Zimbra original release (3 series or even prior I think) on FC3. I was always able to upgrade the point-releases during the 3 series, but after going to 4 I have not been able to successfully upgrade (always roll back). I suspect it has to do with how the system is setup (DMZ, with mixed internal and external names).

I'd like to move zimbra to run under VMware on new equipment. I've got an instance of Ubuntu 6.06 and I've been able to install a fresh instance of zimbra 4.0.4 on it. I've copied my zimbra data from the debian server to the new one, but I can't get it to run.

I'm wondering if I'd just be better off moving the accounts over. I can sync the mail easy enough through IMAP sync - but what about the calendars and contacts? Is there a tool to assist with this?