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Thread: Imapsync / webmail fragment display

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    Default Imapsync / webmail fragment display

    I installed a network edition trial (4.5.1) on a CentOS server.

    I am testing an imapsync for importing messages from our current scalix installation. The import of the messages is working correctly. But when I view the imported messages in the zimbra webmail interface, some characters are not being displayed properly in the message fragment section. It appears to be special characters that are having the problem like dashes (-) and double quotes ("). The same characters display correctly in the subject line and message body.

    Is this a problem with imapsync process? or an incorrect apache character set configuration? or something else?


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    Default Might be a bug

    That's not a known issue, so it might be a bug and it might be some very odd messages that you're importing. Can you attach one of the problem messages so we can take a look at it? (In the Zimbra UI, right-click on the mesasge in the message list, "Show Original", save to disk.)
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    Thanks for the response. I have sent you a private message with a copy of the "Show Original" code.

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