we recently installed zimbra 4.5 network edition. now some of our costumers who have been using open source version we'll be migrated to the network edition.

mail migration is no problem, contacts also work fine. as for the calendar part, i can't say so. the thing is we had our own script written that handled the migration via SOAP/XML. worked fine on versions up to 4.0.5.

the problem now is that on 4.5 NE writing an appointment to a calendar via SOAP requests works fine as long as the organizer of the appoinment is the same as the calendar owner. if the organizer is not the calendar owner, we can't seem to write the appoinment to the NE.

basicaly, our script tries to transfer the appointmets exactly like they are on the OSS version. now this is not possible as far as i can figure, due to this "error".

is there some workaround this? the organizers need to stay the same as they are (for the sake of our customers, who can sometimes be quite silly...).

or are there any other ways to migrate the calendars from OSS to NE?