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Thread: Zimbra System and Windows 2003 server active directory

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    Default Zimbra System and Windows 2003 server active directory

    Hi All,

    this thread is originally posted on the administrators’ section.

    I apologize because i don't know if someone else has already posted the same subject; i am a new user and i wasn't able to read all the posts.

    I'm interested in buying the Zimbra webmail system, I have windows 2003 server installed on my mail server.

    I couldn’t find specification for Zimbra system integrated on windows while browsing through your website. Is that possible? Or Zimbra system can only be installed on Unix and Mac operating systems?

    Suppose we install the Zimbra webmail on a separate Unix or Mac system, can the Zimbra system interact with Microsoft s active directory (AD / LDAP)?

    I’m mostly interested in authenticating my domain users to access Zimbra online webmail, is that possible?

    Could any one please provide me with some details?

    Thank you in advance.


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    Zimbra needs to run on a Linux (or Mac OSX) operating system. However, it can easily authenticate against Active Directory through its LDAP capabilities. I'd recommend installing linux and Zimbra on your dedicated mail server and you'll be a happy guy (or girl). If you're not dedicating a server to mail, you really should - no matter what software you choose

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