Hello all,

We are looking into the possibility of migrating from Exchange 2010 to Zimbra. We have just over 800 mailboxes, though only 200 or so will actually need to use the Outlook Connector; the rest access via either IMAP or POP3.

The IMAP/POP3 accounts are users who are all external to organisation. I know Zimbra can be connected to Active Directory. My question is this:

If Zimbra is connected to Active Directory, will there need to be any changes on the users' side, assuming we keep the hostname they connect to the same? Will they need to change anything like their username (e.g., to use the full e-mail address as opposed to just the first part of their e-mail address)?

I am of course hoping to have a little impact on the 600+ external users, since we would not have the manpower to connect with each one individually and get them to update their settings.

Thanks for your insight! :-)