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Thread: Resource information lost after minor upgrade

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    Default Resource information lost after minor upgrade


    After upgrading ZCS NE 6.0.5 to 6.0.7 over a RHEL 5.5 64bits, although resources are still there, they are empty and all permissions are lost!

    Don't know what is wrong, no error message that I see in logs...

    At this point, I'm thinking in restoring a backup in a new VM with version 6.0.5, exporting all of the resources calendar items, and then importing them to the 6.0.7 servers using REST API for doing so.

    Any ideas what could be happening? maybe there's some permissions somewhere... :S (zmfixperms -e already done).


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    I'm sorry Sebas,
    I don't have any additonal information, I never saw it before.

    Restoring a backup into a VM with version 6.0.5 sounds pretty good, tell us if this method keep the resources permissions.

    Kind regards

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