We are in the process of migrating from a simple Linux/Postfix/POP3 email server to Zimbra, and at the same time we are trying to get our users to switch from Outlook (mostly 2000, some 2003) to the Zimbra Web Client. Because most of our users have Outlook 2000 we cannot use the .pst import tool, and instead have been copying email messages over to Zimbra through Outlook, and using Contacts .csv import and .ics import for the Calendar.

For the Calendar we found a free tool called outlook2ical, which allows us to save the Outlook calendar in ics format. We are then taking the ics file, and using the method described in the User Migration Wiki page (curl....?fmt=ics) we have been imported them into Zimbra. For the most part this has worked great and has saved us a great deal of time. However, we have run into a couple of issues.

1. On a few of the calendars (4 out of about 20 so far) the curl command starts the import, but them bombs out. I get several lines of error messages, ending in one that says "The full stack trace of the root cause is available in the Apache Tomcat/5.5.15 logs." This might help in troubleshooting the problem, except I can't seem to find anything in any logs related to this import. The other error messages on the screen don't give any indication of where in the file it stopped or why it stopped. So, I'm left with no idea of what got imported and what didn't. A couple of the problem files were small enough that I could kind of figure out what didn't get imported and work around the problem. However, the other two are rather large and I am totally lost. So, my question is am I just missing something in the logs and/or is there any way to find out what got imported and what didn't?

2. I have two COS's, the default and another one I called migrate. Somewhere along the line on both COS's the 'zimbraPrefTimeZoneId' got set to Pacific Time; I am in the Eastern Time Zone. I don't every remember being prompted to set this value, and I can't find any spot in the Admin web page to set/change it. I figured out how to change it with the 'zmprov' command, but the problem as it relates to the calendar migration is that all the events in these .ics files that I imported got stamped with the Pacific Time Zone, so they are three hours off. Of course, as my luck would have it none of the users picked up on this problem, and I only discovered it in troubleshooting problem 1. My question here is can I make a sweep of the user calendars using 'zmprov' or something and change anything with a Pacific Time Zone to Eastern Time Zone? If this is not possible, what is the best way to wipe out a user calendar so that I can start the imports from scratch?

Any help on either issue would be appreciated.