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Thread: zmprov createAccount Attributes

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    Default zmprov createAccount Attributes

    I have looked everywhere and I simply can not find a list of attributes that can be passed when creating accounts through the cli interface (zmprov createAccount). From my reading it looks like they are stored in the LDAP server, but I'm really leery on cracking that open as I have never worked with LDAP.

    Does anyone have a list of the attributes? If not this documentation would be really helpful to add somewhere. Appendix A of the Admin PDF does not mention any of the attributes, the zmprov wiki has an example that has only 1 or 2 attributes listed, and the "--help" has no attributes listed.

    I am needing to do a bulk import tonight and getting the list of attributes so I can get the boxes setup correctly is the only thing holding me back right now.



    Edit: the search function used when submiting the post worked better than the actual search function for the forums.
    Found an answer in this thread :
    However one should not have to dig so hard to get something as simple as this. Its nice to have a text file on the server, but its burried under 6+ folders and its lable is not advertising that it is a document for the attributes. Would be nice to have access to these through the wiki.
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