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Thread: Switching to a paid version.

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    Just a warning about Zimbra sales--some of their account mangers use very sleezy sales tactics and try to get your signature on the quotations to make it binding. Regrettably, they will cheat you out of two months of subscription if they can (we had to fight to the bitter end to get the two months).

    Be firm when talking to Zimbra sales. I just wish they would high more forthcoming sales managers who don't try to force American sales tactics.

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    Respectfully, I disagree.
    I don't know what happened, but if you PM me, perhaps I can help to resolve your concern.
    Don't come into our forums and call our sales team names, or accuse them of being dishonest.

    We welcome opinions, but when ANYONE gets called names, that's where I put my foot down.

    This thread is closed. This is turning into a Zimbra Sales Bash thread.
    Concern? PM me.

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