I have been using zimbra for a couple of years and I want to PAY to be able to upgrade to be able to sync my mac and push email to my palm 700wx.

Here is the problem.

I have only one domain and I only need mail for my wife and myself, so two accounts. I have been running my own servers for years.

Now that zimbra has mac sync and support wm5 push, I am willing to pay for it.

Here is the problem.

I would prefer to get out of the home hosting businees and pay for a couple of mailboxes. But the existing providers are in the two categories.

1. Good prices but minimum users requires - Like 5 or more...

one provider I check wanted 7.95 a box, full features, So @5 boxes, my mrc is $39.75 totalling $477 year

2. Per user, but ala carte for the features.

Two boxes, one with mac sync the other with wm5 sync. $32 a month, 384 a year.

At those prices, I would rather buy a license and go from there..

The problem is that zimbra is sold only in 25 license blocks.
So the network edition is $700 a year.

Now here is the intersting part. For a small business or prosumer user.

Microsoft Small business server is actually cheaper.

New Egg has a OEM 2003 smb server with 5 cals for $450 no annual maintanace.

Trust me I hate Microsoft, but that is a reasonable price.

I really want to run zimbra and have no problem upgrading from my opensource version to a PAYED version.

No matter what, Even if it is a token amount of money, lets say individual mailbox pricing at $35 or $40 a year is more money than nothing.